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These are my main HAIR & LASH VENDORS including my top of the line Real Scalp Illusion™️ Full Lace Wig and Lace Front Wig VENDOR & the very 1st one is my main Bundle Sale Hair Vendor as well as all my Atl Based Real Scalp Illusion™️ Vendor! All of these vendors hair is always good and they all offer quality warranties on the hair so you can provide that added trust for your customers! Most of these I have been dealing with for years and the back up suppliers I’ve been dealing with for the past year since I moved to Atl. I can vouch for them all! The Real Scalp Illusion Vendors offer drop shipping & all of them offer same day pick up! The first Vendor has walk in locations all over the USA including Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey and Virginia! You can’t lose with this one as the key to large hair sales is HAVING THE HAIR IN STOCK & ON HAND!! This is a MAJOR PLUG & BLESSING for your business to really thrive & grow bc these are the main vendors that I used to grow mine! Do this by faith, think positive & only about the desired results you want to happen! Tune out anyone, anything or any thinking that’s negative and watch your business take off with these hair and lash plugs!