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Been waiting to try the best lace glue in the world??? Well here’s your chance!! The new 1oz squeeze bottles are on sale for $15 for a limited time only and while supplies last!! The rest of the rich grip products are also on sale for $15 so Don’t miss out!!

  Lace mistakes & mislays are a thing of the past with this MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE!! Use this revolutionary product that we call “A Miracle in a Bottle” any time you incorrectly apply the lace or for grease free lace touch ups. Simply spray a generous amount of Rich Grii Rewind to affected area, lift lace, allow adhesive to dry again, reapply lace & Viola✨!!! It’s like the mistake never happened!! This product does not disrupt the adhesive line so applying additional adhesive is not needed! Also use this product to easily lift lace for fast, hassle free touch ups without using greasy lace remover and risking your lace not sticking! This must have product is a true Miracle & time saver!!