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🚀If you are ready 2 LEVEL UP & LEARN the New Wave of my TOP SECRET, UPGRADED Full Perimeter MELTDOWN Technique for the most Natural, REALISTIC LOOKING Full Lace Wig Application w/ SCALP ALL THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WIG then this Class is for you!💯

🔑The best part is learning my PATENTED & TRADEMARKED Technique INVENTED BY ME is Guaranteed TO GET YOU BOOKED & BUSY in any city or town no matter how saturated the market is bc when u learn my technique & learn how to part that wig from the Forehead to the Nape of the Neck & achieve a perfect, REAL SCALP ILLUSION™️ with the SCALPIANA™️ in the middle it’s going to be UP & STUCK FOR YOUR CAREER!🚀

💇🏻‍♀️The clients will literally flock to your chair & this is a proven fact as I’ve taught this technique to over 5,000+ Students WORLDWIDE who are now experiencing GREAT SUCCESS in this Hair Industry as a direct result of taking my classes!🏆💰💯

🙏🏽So I decided to BLESS ALL MY FOLLOWERS in a major way bc I know everyone can’t afford my 1on1 Class price along with the added expense of travel, especially now during this pandemic when airline, rental car & hotel room prices are sky high! Trust me I totally get it & I know what it’s like to want to level up but just simply can’t afford it at the time so I wanted to do something special for y’all to make sure that ANYONE WHO WANTS TO LEARN CAN ATTEND!🙌🏽

📡This is a LIVE 5 HOUR CLASS where you will be able to have open dialogue with me and ask me plenty of questions🤗 but please block off extra time on your calendar for class day bc I DO NOT RUSH MY STUDENTS! I really need your whole day bc we’re going to take our time & I’m going to ANSWER ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS to make sure you get the technique & feel comfortable with the process! My goal is to make sure you actually learn it!

 🙅🏽‍♀️NO LACE EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! I teach you every single step from scratch so this class is PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS as well as Experienced Vets!🐐

 🔑If you’ve already taken the original version of this class then I highly suggest you TAKE THIS CLASS AGAIN to learn the new styles and new products of the ever evolving lace industry bc trust me, a lot in the lace game has changed from then to now!💯

🌍This class is available to all of my followers IN ALL COUNTRIES!! I made it easy so everyone can get this knowledge!🎓 

🎁I’m going to offer this class at a STEAL PRICE that EVERYONE CAN AFFORD! It’s a $1500 value for my SCALPIANA™️ 1ON1 CLASS but the LIVE VIRTUAL Scalpiana™️ Class will be offered at an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL PRICE of $250 for a LIMITED TIME with LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!! Spots are 1st come 1st served so don’t miss out & miss this blessing! 

📌My TOP SECRET LACE PRODUCT LIST will be sent to you after you register!

📌You have the option to purchase a Real Scalp Illusion™️ Full Lace Wig from us for a discounted price of $250 if you’d like to follow along during class.

📌WE SUGGEST YOU HAVE A MODEL PRESENT if you are going to be following along.

📌Purchasing the wig from us, using a model, & following along is completely optional.

📌You can use any quality full lace wig for the class.

📌You can also simply watch and take notes if that is your preference.


Sunday August 29th from 12-5pm Eastern Time. (*Please remember to block off extra time as I do not rush my students!🥰) 🚫SOLD OUT!!!🚫

Sunday September 5th from 12-5pm Eastern Time. (*Please remember to block off extra time as I do not rush my students!🥰)